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Healthy, beautiful clean carpets... We all want them and fortunately it doesn't take much to have them in your home.  The key to maintaining your carpets is regular vacuuming, taking care of spots when they occur, and professional truck-mounted HWE (Hot Water Extraction).  It's that simple.  Major carpet manufacturers mandate professional steam cleaning every 12 months to keep from voiding new carpet warranties.

Super-Heated Cleaning Solution... It's a fact:  High heat cleans better!  Our truck-mount provides the most consistent heat source available for carpet cleaning.

Scotchgard and Teflon Protection... We highly recommend the re-application of either on every single job we do.  It's just this simple:  when your carpet was manufactured it was coated with a protectant that helped it repel soil and stains.  Everyday foot traffic, pets, kids, and spot cleaning (with improper over the counter products) removes that protective coating.  We've never heard a valid reason as to why anyone would not want to reseal the carpet fibers.  If your carpet manufacturer believed in it enough to use it, shouldn't you?  Doesn't everybody want their carpet to be just as beautiful and resilient as the day it was installed in your home?  Of course you do!  It is the best way to keep your carpet looking cleaner, for a longer period of time.

Do-it-Yourself... Although they are handy for emergency spills, Rug Doctor rental units, Bissel, Hoover, Electrolux, Kirby, and all other cleaning units available for purchase to the general public can't even come close to our cleaning power.  The large majority of these units rely on hot tap water.  In most homes this is about 120 degrees.  That of course is the starting temperature.  Every minute the water sits in your machine's tank, the lower the solution temperature drops.  This heat transfer occurs very quickly.  It is entirely possible that by the time the solution hits your carpet, the hot water you started with is now only room temperature.  This is not very effective for carpet cleaning.  Remember higher heat cleans better.  Even worse, some of these types of machines use shampoo-type foam cleaning.  These types of cleaners cause your carpet to resoil and "ugly-out" very, very quickly.  Not only are you leaving all of the foam from the shampoo detergent in your carpet, but all the dirt remains as well.  It just doesn't magically disappear as some manufacturers would like you to believe.  Shampoo-based cleaning agents are trouble for most residential carpets.

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