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                                                                                                                                                       Who says this house
                                                                                                                     ain't big enough
                                                                                                                    for the both of us.

                                                                                                                Look, it was a tiny, little accident, Ok?
                                                                                    That’s all it was.  It could happen to
                                                                                    anydoggy.  I’m still your best buddy, 
                                                                                    right?  So, let’s just call the folks at
                                                                                    CarpetMasters Plus, the pet spot 
                                                                                    experts, and put this little episode
                                                                                    behind us?  Whaddaya say?  They’ll
                                                                                    treat the stains and the odor and we
                                                                                    can forget this silly little thing ever
                                                                                    happened.  Why not give 'em a call
                                                                                    right now.  Hmmm???

                                                                        CarpetMasters Plus

      you need CarpetMasters Plus

At CarpetMasters Plus, we love pets...but if your pets are like ours, from time to time they can be a bit messy.  We are highly experienced in removing pet stains and odors that become inevitable sooner or later.  We call our cleaning method pet friendly because we don't leave anything in your carpets that could make your beloved pet sick.  If the customer has a pet that will be walking on the carpet, they can rest assured that any chemicals used, such as spotters, will be completely removed.  We don't ask you or your pets to stay off the carpet when we finish, unless you have carpet protector put on.  This is the only thing that would prohibit immediate access to the carpet.

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